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We are a small efficiently run family operation located in North Cambridgeshire in the UK at the edge of the fens district. Because we have low overheads we will try and supply at an attractive price. We hope to offer a friendly service and help if you require advice on the use of plastic sheets etc. In return for our advice we ask that you give us strong consideration as your supplier.

There is a "General Enquiry Form" that gets emailed to us on the main menu on the left of every page and a "Detailed Quote Enquiry Form" accessed from the button at the top of each main product page for use when you know the plastic and sizes you want a quote for. If you need help email us with the General Enquiry Form or if necessary call us on +44 (0)1945 583541 Mondays to Fridays from 10AM till 7PM GMT. Frequently we may be on the phone or dealing with "events" so leave your name and number and a brief enquiry and we will ring you back. (landlines preferred) or you can fax us on 01332 440200.

Materials are supplied from various operations in both the Midlands and in the South of England. There is no showroom here so no visitors please without a prior appointment.


Sales & Registered Office:

eSheet Limited
2 Woodcote Park
Cambs PE13 1LX


SUPPLY & CUT: We supply uncut & cut to your sizes, thin floppy to very thick rigid plastics from sheet, tube, rod, bar & roll. We also supply spheres, globes and special shapes. We cut thin PVC and Polypropylene sheets from less than about 0.3mm to 1.2mm into shapes by guillotine or knife press. We try to supply as many colours as we can.

We cut by saw, router and laser and polish edges by diamond, flame and chemicals. We also scrape and buff polish certain materials that can't be polished otherwise.

We can make single bends and consider more complex shapes as we have access to multi bending equipment. Drilling, routing and other machining equipment is also available. Simpler sheet moulding work is also undertaken.

We can design from your ideas or drawings (dxf & dwg files are ideal) and fabricate including bonding, welding or bolting etc.

We deliver quickly throughout the UK to businesses, academia & individuals. We take care in delivering properly protected materials. The packing is always done with care and attention as we want you to receive the material in first class condition. This often costs us more to provide than our competitors who may take risks. Please take this into account when looking at our prices. Cheapest is not the best when it arrives broken or scratched.

Our minimum order amounts are stated on our home page.

SUPPLY ONLY: We can supply full size uncut sheets in single or bulk quantities. We have a strong buying position with the major plastics producers and will try to be competitive and give you an accurate delivery time and good service with the human touch. Give us a price to beat! If it's too low we will soon let you know. We supply quantities that the big Companies won't.

We supply from thin 140 micron Polypropylene sheets for book covers right up to large 400mm thick sheets of Acrylic for deep aquariums. We also supply light weight foams and fluted boards and low density composites. There is a complete list on the website.

Please e-mail us with the material description and we will try to assist you or click on the contact link in the menu above.

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Acrylic (Perspex™) Sheet.
Acrylic Rods, Tubes & Fluorescent Colours.
Acrylic globes, domes, spheres, hemi-spheres & balls.
Acrylic blocks.
Acrylic display panels & support mounts.
Acrylic mounting blocks.
Acrylic blocks joined with magnets.
Multi wall Polycarbonate.
Foamed PVC panels.
Forex Smart & Foam X mounting sheets.
Polycarbonate sheets, rods, tubes.
Polycarbonate globes.
ABS sheets.
Aluminium Composite sheets.

PETG, APET, (Polyester) sheets.
Polyamide (Nylon) sheets & rods.  

Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets.
EcoPanels (Recycled LD Polyethylene) Low cost thick sheets.
Polypropylene sheets - over 2mm thick.
Polypropylene sheets - under 1.2mm thick.
Polystyrene (HIPS) including multi-colour thin sheets.
Polysulphone, PEI, PEEK sheets.
PVC Solid sheets. (Cladding etc) 2mm to 12mm.
PVC Low Density Rigid Foam sheets.
PVC Forex Smart & Foam X sheets.
PVC Thin Flexible sheets from 0.140mm to 2mm.
Thin Plastic sheets - Polypropylene, PVC.
UHMWPE Polyethylene 1000.
Globes, Domes, Balls, Hemi-spheres.


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